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Welcome to My One Resource, your single, secure place to easily manage your personal documents, health, home, vehicles, finances and, yes, your life. It’s accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world, delivering both ease of use and peace of mind for you and the ones you love.

Track all your health information and access it any time from anywhere.

With your My One Resource account you can easily keep track of your personal and family medical history, for you and the ones you love. But that is just the beginning – store all the critical contact information for all your doctors, specialists, pharmacies and more. Categorize and easily find information for all of your insurance policies, deductibles and expenditures while on the go. My One Resource takes keeping track of your Health to a whole new level.

Medical History & Records

From the doctor’s office you’ll be able to enter in all your information captured during your appointment. Manage your prescription information by illness, while tracking all copay, out of pocket and prescription costs. Easily organize your entire medical history so you’ll never have to struggle with remembering the details.


Don’t get caught without the information you need from your insurance card, or the knowledge of how much your copay will be with any doctor, specialist or ER visit. Organize all your insurance information – health, dental and vision – in one place.

Organize and access all of your home information

Before My One Resource you may have had to buy a new appliance because you couldn’t find the warranty information. But now that you are a Member, you’ll know exactly where it is, while also being able to keep track of all your maintenance items and expenses, as well as easily accessing your critical ownership paperwork. We can’t make the process of waiting for the repairman easier, but we can spare you the hassle of locating all the information you need, when you need it most.

Ownership Information

From your survey and appraisal to mortgage documents and HOA paperwork, owning a home can be a chore. But even if you rent, you have just as much information as your home-owning counterparts. With a My One Resource account, managing all your home information has never been easier or more organized.

Home Maintenance & Expenses

Does your home seem like a revolving door of maintenance items? Keep track of when the lawn guy planted those new shrubs, the termite inspector treated the house and when the air conditioner was last serviced. You’ll be able to determine just how much you’re spending on home maintenance as well as easily logging and tracking your costs.

Insurance & Valuables

Should you ever need to make an insurance claim for your valuables, you’ll need to have everything documented. The process of keeping track of all the valuable items in your home – as well as storing your insurance policy and key contact information – is made easy with a My One Resource account.

Organize and access all of your vehicle information

With your My One Resource account you can organize all the ownership information and records for all the vehicles in your household. Monitor all your expenses – maintenance, insurance and more – all in one place. Quickly access all the critical information for your vehicle whether you are at the DMV or if you, unfortunately, get pulled over. “Cleaning” out your vehicle has never been easier.

Ownership Information

Have your often-needed vehicle ownership information right at your fingertips? You’ll have quick access to your title, driver’s license information and more. You’ll also be able to record how much you paid for your automobile in addition to the other pertinent ownership information.


Ever been pulled over and not had your most recent insurance card? Keep track of all your policy numbers, payments, deductibles and claims all in one place.

Maintenance & Expenses

Ever seem like the person changing your oil is recommending a full system flush a little too soon? Be able to reference all maintenance performed on your vehicle and save money by not spending it on needless vehicle services. You’ll even be able to get information about recommended service items for you exact make and model.

Truly making it Personal

Coming late 2015

From organizing family stories and treasured documents, to keeping track of all your career information; from storing all the vet documentation for each of your pets, to having all your passwords and usernames for all your accounts in one place, the Personal section truly is your one resource for everything that matters most in your life.

Keeping you financially fit

Available in 2016

With your My One Resource account you can keep track of all your investments – from retirement to college savings – while also having the crucial paperwork and contact information for each investment safely stored in one place. Don’t just log your tax returns; organize all your documents that support each tax return for future reference.

Security is our top priority

Security is our top priority

Why you need My One Resource


Anytime, Any Device, Anywhere

Never again find yourself at the DMV without a required document, at the pharmacy without details of your doctor's orders or at your local big-box store paying to replace an appliance you didn't know was under warranty. Easily save time and money by accessing your personal information anytime, from anywhere.


Give access to key people

More easily and securely share information with those that need access to it. Provide full access for those closest to you such as a close family member or spouse to limited read-only access to certain pieces of information such as health information for a health-care provider or insurance information for an attorney.


Be prepared for any situation

What if you need access to medical records while on vacation, insurance information after a disaster, or help piecing together details after losing a loved one? Life can be complicated, organized access makes this part easier.

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